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Frequently asked questions


Trial period

Yes, it's completely free. No credit card required, no upfront costs, no hidden charge, no-obligation and no string attached. We are completely free to walk away if you don’t like our service. We are 100% confident you will choose to stay with us.

Yes. During our trial period, you can enjoy as much as you want with all our features.

If you choose not to continue with us, you can close your account and all your data will be deleted.


No. You don’t need a high spec computer to run our software.

We recommend the Admin/ Manager to complete the installation process .

Authorised Device Access only

Yes, as long as the device code matches with our system.

No, to the best of our knowledge. Our device code is system generated


Just the usual your Name, work email and password to start with.

Straightaway. You can use all our features right away after you verify your email address and download our software.

Facial recognition

Yes, It works. When you register your face, we recommend taking 7 or 8 pictures from different angles. So our system can dictate face correctly.

No camera is only in operation during Clock-in and Clock-out when prompted using our Attendance Keeper software.

No camera is only in operation during Clock-in and Clock-out when prompted using our Attendance Keeper software

Discrete Screenshot

Users need to run our Attendance Keeper software in the background.

Once you logged in your account. You can see all the authorised devices, then you can select the one you want to see the screenshot of.

No. The whole point of our feature is to be discrete to the user. The user won’t be notified about screenshots.

There’s no definite answer for it. It could be 5 or 10 screenshots during a shift.

Admin/manager has the access to these screenshots. To do admin/manager needs to log in his web portal and select the device he wants to look into.

Yes. They have date and time on them.

Yes. You can print/save them.

Task Manager

Within a team, anyone can assign tasks to anyone with relevant task details. For example, junior staff can assign tasks to senior staff if required.

Yes. The employee will receive an email about tasks and notifications when logged into their employee portal.

You can manage tasks by assigning them to your employees with relevant details and expected deadlines.

Yes, employees can extend tasks with new expected dates and reasons for delaying.

Twice, after that task, gets void.

Yes, you will see “in progress” status in your task manager dashboard.

Salary Calculations

Our salary system gets updated on real-time. You can view any time you wish to with appropriate dates selected.

In this circumstance, we suggested you calculate them as hourly employees.

Yes it does reflect on our salary calculations. The employee will be losing payment for that day.

Minute. We calculate for every minute they invest working.

Location/Branch related

Attendance Keeper is designed to make your work life easier and productive. You can create an unlimited* number of branches located in different locations and consists of different staffs, with the respect of employees available in your subscription. For example, you have 20 employees working for you in 5 locations. You can choose our plan for 7-20 employee plan. That will allow you to create 5 locations or more if needed to accommodate these 20 employees.
*the term unlimited is restricted only for the number of employees you manage through us. No restrictions on the location you create.

You can have offices in 7 different continents without any problem as long as you are within your limit of employees.

Yes definitely. You can just create one branch.

No camera is only in operation during Clock-in and Clock-out when prompted using our Attendance Keeper software.


We don’t own these data and we certainly don’t have access to your data. You are completely in charge of your data..

We handle our customer privacy with the utmost respect. You can view our privacy policay here .

Every company operates differently in this matter. Some companies allow 5,7 or even 10 minutes of a grace period. For example, if an employee clock-ins at 08:55 AM or 09.05 AM, the system will take this extra or less of 5 minutes as a grace period and round it up for 09:00 AM.
We work with absolute honesty and simplicity. We simply count for every minute accordingly and generate reports with exact total hours and minutes of clock-in and clock-out time with highlighting late and early departure based upon their aforementioned schedule. We think this is the best solution for both employee and employer

Web-based Employee’s Portal

HR manager should be able to provide these credentials. You usually create them when registering new employees.

Only the employee has access to the portal. As credentials are private to an individual.

Yes, he/she update any information required.