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productivity tracking software

We've seen a tremendous spread of new approaches for managing projects in software development during the previous fifteen years. The Agile Manifesto, published in 2001, outlined the shared ideals and concepts that underpin these approaches. All of which is focusing on delivering better software. Several of these ideals and principles are particularly stated for software product design and programming. Since then, the advantages of these approaches have led to the broad use of agile Productivity Tracking Software outside of software development. Teamwork, customer connection, productivity, and flexibility were the most commonly mentioned benefits.

Scope of use

Employee Productivity Tracking Software is the best to monitor the employee’s working criteria. This software consists of features like employees clock-in, clock-out, task management, holiday and leaves management, etc. Moreover, this productivity software increases the efficiency of the business. Employees can better recognize the best workers through assessing their work that expands the productivity throughout the company. In a competitive business world, calculating the estimation of the company’s performance is critical, so the monitoring software helps in this way.

Benefits of Productivity Tracking Software

Productivity Tracking Software solution helps companies manage all their projects in one platform. Millions of users are utilizing this software worldwide. Across industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing, HR, Utilities, Telecom, Financial Services, Consulting, Marketing/Advertising/PR, Nonprofit/NGOs, and more. Because this software reduces risks, improves productivity, increases profitability, and saves time wherever teams are located.

When you access your business through tracking software, it helps in several ways:

Decrease the time wastage

This application can help to reduce the time-wasting activities. This software keeps track of activities, blocking the website. Using this Productivity tracking software, an employer can keep monitoring their employees without any delay. Moreover, this software engages the consumers with their working tasks, which makes them more productive.

Effectively enforce existing policies

Productivity monitoring software ensures employees do not leak proprietary information. Using email and the internet, as well as unauthorized use of electronic media, could put companies at risk of a data breach. The use of productivity monitoring software would allow certain features such as remote screenshots or automated alarms, which would allow admins to keep track of any breach of sensitive information.

Monitoring Remote Workers

Many employees have been working remotely recently. This monitoring software is perfect for ensuring that employees aren't wasting their working hours. To ensure employee productivity both at home and at work. Administrators will still be able to track the use of distracting websites. The productivity tracking software can easily display whether an employee is misusing company property as long as they use company-issued devices.

Would productivity tracking software benefit you?

productivity tracking app

You can improve organizational structure, identify the tools employees need, find out which team works best together, and identify the employee's most productive period by utilizing the tracking software. Productive data can be valuable for streamlining operations and productivity tracking, which can make it easier to distribute workloads among overworked employees.

The term "productivity software" comes from the fact that they are for assisting people. Particularly those who work in offices—be more productive at their jobs. In the beginning, productivity software was for commercial usage. But nowadays it is widely using for personal use. Productivity will likely increase. In the workplace environment, utilizing and maintaining the productivity monitoring software is very effective.

Tracking Productivity: How to get started?

If you want to research productivity tracking software, you need to first think about what your goals are. There are people out there who use this software in ways that harm their team's morale. Some possible team goals are below.

  • Productivity improvement
  • Reducing costs
  • Time-saving measures
  • Protecting data from leaks
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Equalizing workload

We recommend you look into features like Website Blocking, Website, and App Monitoring, Keystroke Logging, Protecting Sensitive PII, Activity Reports, and Flexible Settings to achieve your goals and track employee activity. Your final step will be to narrow down your list to the best options that fit your checklist. Before proceeding, make sure you have checked some other factors also that provide other advantages. Among these factors are:

  • Easy installation
  • Plans for payment
  • Adaptation
  • Personalization
  • Availability of customer support
  • System Requirements

Types of Productivity Tracking Software

As previously said, productivity software comes in a variety of forms; nevertheless, the following are some of the more common types:

Project Management

For enterprises and organizations, project management application software (apps) is a useful tool. Not only are they are beneficial for project management. But they may also be used to manage a company's daily operations. One of its most appealing characteristics is that they provide a visual representation of a workflow process, which may help with job allocation, coordination, and prioritization. You may manage your task throughout its life cycle, starting with the creation of an idea and ending with completion, similar to task management applications. Many project management applications include tools like checklists, spreadsheets, and Gantt charts. All of these are to help you complete your task or project most efficiently and effectively possible.

Database Management System

You may use a database management system to construct and maintain databases. Databases are a great way to store information. They are designed to retain a huge collection of data. That can be accessed by numerous users quickly and efficiently. While spreadsheets are also an excellent choice for storing a large quantity of data, databases are a superior option since they provide a more complex information storage mechanism.

Time Tracking

Time monitoring applications help you keep track of the time you spend on activities. They are been used as independent products or integrated with other software programs. Enterprises and organizations are mostly using this tool. Because they employ freelancers or employees who get pay by the hour.

Time tracking applications provide an overview of how much time is spent. On a task and/or on your whole workday. This overview not only guarantees that you get compensated for the job you do. But it may also help you manage your time.

Effectiveness of a Productivity Tracking Software

Productivity software has revolutionized the way people work in businesses and organizations all around the world. From improved communication to simplified processes, projects operate more smoothly. In a nutshell, productivity software has greatly simplified office life.

It has also helped firms to adapt to the new flexible workforce that has arisen as a result of the internet's and technology's fast development. Remote work has been feasible thanks to productivity software such as online communication and collaboration tools, which has helped firms to stay competitive. It's particularly useful for employees who are transitioning to working from home. While productivity software has consolidated and simplified the way we operate, it's vital to remember that technology won't do the job for you. Regardless of the instrument employed, the outcome is still dependent on the user. What productivity software does is provide you with the tools you need to complete your work and get to the finish line as quickly as possible. You're on your own for the remainder.

It's possible that using productivity software with different expectations will have negative consequences.

How to make Productive Tracking Software effective?

Anyone can buy a tool and make an account, but whether or not the tool is valuable depends on what you do with it. Here are some suggestions for ensuring that your productivity software truly helps you be more productive.

Maintain a quality tool

To acquire the greatest productivity tools for your team, you don't have to invest a million dollars. While many free productivity software programs are adequate for whatever function you want them to serve, the premium versions frequently include more features. It's occasionally worth investing the additional money to guarantee you have a tool that can assist your team to be as productive as ever, whether it's more storage capacity or more functionality.

It's also worth evaluating how much time and money you'll save if you buy the premium edition of a program. Sure, a free account costs you nothing up front, but it's worth considering if you'll need more resources if you choose.

Know how to use it

When it comes to productivity software, money isn't the only factor to consider. Time is also something that should be invested. The market is flooded with tools that claim to help you monitor work, collaborate, and communicate more effectively, and just finding the appropriate one can take a long time.

Then there's figuring out how to utilize it correctly. Nothing is more aggravating than having to use a tool that you are unfamiliar with. Learning how to utilize new tools and comprehending how to enter activities or objects should be prioritized from the start. Because if you don't, you could wind up wasting more time attempting to figure out how to utilize the tool.

Keep it simple

Productivity software is useful for a variety of activities, including generating graphs and presentations, collecting and managing data, and keeping track of everyday duties. While they're fantastic for complicated jobs and projects that demand collaboration, they may not be the best tool for the job in other situations. It's not always a good idea to utilize productivity software just because it's available. Even if you have it and have paid for it, you are not obligated to utilize it. While a tool with a lot of capabilities might be useful, if you don't use it correctly, it can cause more harm than good.

Why Choose Attendance Keeper

With Attendance Keeper, your team will have the metrics they need to implement a more effective work environment, which leads to greater efficiency for your entire organization and increasing productivity. Installing the software is easy, and the data is available within minutes. Attendance Keeper, a productivity tracking software for employees, is perfect because:

  • Get an overall view of productivity levels across individuals, groups, or your organization.
  • Your team members should know your top performer's habits, so they can emulate them.
  • To limit time wasted on unproductive breaks, set automated time caps.
  • Prevent disengagement by identifying and coaching less productive employees.
  • Plan, test, analyze, and reduce wasted time based on your experiments.


Employee monitoring software helps to increase organizational growth as well as reduce the overload of employees through balancing the work. That’s why you must invest in activity tracking software to save time, track employees, and increase work efficiency.

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