The Most InterectiveEmployee Management System

Integrate our Best Time and Attendance Software to Maintain Accuracy

★ Automate Facial Recognition Based Attendance System

★ Track employee attendance in real-time

★ Eliminate buddy clock ins

★ No more manual paper timesheet

★ Mobile App for employees to clock in and out

Attendance Keeper helps you manage and monitor your inhouse and remote employees attendances in realtime.

Rough and Tough
Afs Fashion
Blauer Hafen
Attendance Keeper is more than an Attendance Management System


Accurate data, at your fingertips

All your employee’s attendance data gets updated in realtime with accuracy.


Timesheets and Payroll Made Simple

No more messy paperwork & costly payroll errors when calculating salary.


Empowers your workforce

Employees have their own portal to check attendance history and all the relevant information

Attendance management that boosts productivity
01. Prevent buddy or proxy clock-ins

Attendance Keeper uses latest Facial Recognition System to Clock-in and Clock-out preventing buddy and proxy clock-in and out.

02. Live Activity Screenshots

Attendance Keeper takes screenshots discreetly and periodically of your employees desktop to help you monitor your employees.

03. Assign Tasks to your colleagues

Attendance Keeper isn't just an attendance tracker. You can assign tasks and oversee your employees productivity.

Attendance Management That Boosts Productivity
Attendance Keeper can help you manage your employees


Complete HR Solutions

Employee-related information can be securely stored in a single location and HR tasks automated with 24/7 access. Track and manage employee holidays and sick or leave days.


Employee’s Portal

Employees have their own personal portal for all the relevant information needed in one place. An employee can see all their recent and past attendance history, their work schedule and apply for holidays.


Keep Your Employees Informed

You can keep your employees informed with latest news and updates by sending Notices in minutes. You can also send notices privately to an employee if required.


Attendance Keeper Mobile App

Attendance Keeper app provides secure mobile access to employees key information on-the-go. This mobile app gives easy access to Attendance Keeper system allowing your employees the ability to self serve.

What people say
We have received tons of awesome testimonials
T Hossain

We are using Attendance Keeper to analyse the productivity of our staffs for our clients and for tracking our attendances. Sometimes we show these data to our clients - that makes understanding a lot easier with our clients.

Victor Okoro Logistics,Alamo Apparel
Tarikul Khan

I was anxious about switching over. But it was a very seamless process. My favourite thing is that it’s super easy to input all the info. The times that I’ve had questions, I’ve shot over an email and I get information back right away.

MD Khan Director , Rough And Tough
Victor Okoro

In one week all my staffs have gotten used to using Attendance Keeper. It's fast accurate and very user friendly. I love their support team, especially during the transition period. They helped us every step of the way.

T Hossain CEO, WestAce
David Staudinger

I was looking for a robust employee management system that could grow with me, easy to use and wouldn’t break the bank. I chose Attendances Keeper and have been surprised and delighted with everything from the software itself to the patience and care of their support team.

David Staudinger Chief Financial Officer , Blauerhafen
Amy Griffin

Attendance keeper offers a powerful suite of tools that every organisation must-have. Their support team is always helpful and there to help you out. We are using Attendance Keeper to manage all our employees' attendances.

MD Zahid Director , AFS Fashion
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software is an online and automated method of recording and monitoring employee work hours. It collects employee clock in/out data automatically and combines those records into electronic timesheets. Businesses use time and attendance systems to track how many hours their employees work, how much they owe in salaries,and much more.

What makes time and attendance important?

A vital business function is keeping track of time and attendance. It reduces management overhead, makes work easier, and minimizes mistakes. Since it prevents time theft, identifies areas of overspending, and reduces absenteeism, accurate time and attendance tracking is also crucial for minimizing operating expenses.

How can I keep track of my employees' hours and attendance?

While there are several methods for tracking hourly employee time and attendance, the more manual approaches that include pen and paper or even spreadsheets can have large margins of error. Most companies currently opt to manage employee time and attendance in a variety of methods. Employees may clock in using our mobile devices by utilizing the Attendance Keeper App.

Is a time and attendance app or a time tracking app?

Fortunately for you, is both. It tracks employee time using highly precise time clocks on mobile and tablet devices and converts the data into timesheets and attendance reports. Its ease of use makes life easier for employees on the front end while also enhancing managerial visibility on the back end with attendance information.

How much does cost?

Pricing always includes access to the whole platform and any future upgrades - no hidden charges, no extras. Visit our price page for more details.

Can I export all reports to a CSV file rather than straight to payroll software?

In terms of exporting all reports, definitely offers you the freedom you want. Export employees’ all reports in CSV format if necessary.