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Attendance keeper brings accurate and real-time information at your fingertip.

Facial Recognition System

With Attendance Keeper you can easily clock in and clock out using our Facial Recognition System.

  • Eliminates proxy or buddy clock in and clock out.
  • Get an email notification with every clock in and clock out.
  • Our system will update your attendance timesheet instantly.
  • Includes arrival or departure status with early/on time/late
  • You can clock in and clock out for break.
Live Activity Screenshot

Live Activity Screenshots feature capture sudden periodic screenshots at an interval during working hours for monitoring purpose.

  • Captures random screenshots at a periodic intervals
  • Captured screenshots can be accessed on request.
  • This will allow an employee to be more attentive to their responsibilities.
  • Monitor your office based and remote employees
  • Employees performance can be measured over a set of time
Live Activity Screenshot
Authorised Device Access Only
Authorised Device Access Only

You can only use Attendance Keeper from devices that have been registered with our code.

  • An employee has to use a registered device for attendance and work
  • No fraudulent activities possible relating to employee attendance
  • You can use this feature for your remote team as well.
  • The employer can protect data, as well as the identities and devices that access the data.
  • Less overhead cost.
Complete HR Solutions

Employee-related information can be securely stored in a single location and HR tasks automated with 24/7 access.

  • You can store documents on the cloud securely and safely.
  • Get notified before any documents expire, and keep a copy of the updated status in our system.
  • Track and manage employee holidays and sick or leave days
  • Create employee's schedule as business required
  • Track right to work information
HR Solutions
Generate ReportsGenerate Reports
Generate Reports

Attendance Keeper lets you generate various real-time reports with valuable insightful information on demand.

  • Employee list reports
  • Attendance reports
  • Employee leave reports
  • Organisation’s profile
  • User account report
Salary Calculation

Attendance Keeper cleverly calculates gross pay based on the time you clock in and clock out.

  • Calculate gross salaries for both hourly and monthly paid employees.
  • Automatically deducts employees unapproved leave hours.
  • Get updated in real-time.
  • You can select your preferred currency.
  • You can export this report to CSV format.
Salary calculation
Task Manager
Task Manager

Our task manager feature would allow you to manage and allocate your tasks more efficiently and productively.

  • An employee will receive email notifications
  • An employee can perform the assigned task within due time or request an extension.
  • Anyone can assign a task to each other
  • Audit a team's performance based upon their professional productivity and work discipline
  • Lightweight and simple project management tool
Employee’s Portal

Employees own a web-based personal portal for all the relevant information needed in one place.

  • An employee can see all their recent and past attendance history.
  • Current and future work schedule.
  • Submit and manage holiday or leave requests.
  • Task management as required.
  • Update personal information.
Employee Portal
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